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ABSolution: Interval Core Training

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What is ABSolution?

  • This class offers the perfect core strengthening solution through a 15-minute powerful workout! Using only the most effective concentrated ab-centric floor-work, abdominal and lower back exercises, along with deep restorative stretching in a fast paced interval format. Form and execution along with education for your prefect set of abs!

What are the Benefits


  • Improve abdominal strength
  • Define your mid section
  • Increase lower back strength to improve injury prevention
  • Heighten core endurance for more challenging lifestyle activities

Yoga: Vinyasa

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What is Yoga?

  • By focusing on the body and breathing while performing a series of poses and stretches, students will strengthen and tone muscles, increase circulation and flexibility, achieve relaxation, and improve overall health.

What are the Benefits?


  • Increase flexibility
  • Increase muscle strength and tone
  • Improves respiration, energy and vitality
  • Improved cardiovascular and circulatory health
  • Protection from injury

Project Hip Hop: Urban Dance

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What is Project Hip Hop?

  • A fun upbeat class set to today’s latest hits and modern moves!

What are the Benefits

  • Improve your strength and general fitnessShape and tone your muscles
  • Protect your bones and joints from injury
  • Get into shape fast
  • Learn to dance!

Barre' EX: Ballet Barre'

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What is BarreEx’?

  • A ballet barre’ workout with dance and pilates to strengthen, lengthen, and stretch the body top to bottom. Combining the amazing results of dance, the principles of pilates, muscle shaping techniques of isometrics, and elongating ideals of dance conditioning.

What are the Benefits


  • Improve your core strength and general fitness
  • Shape and tone your muscles
  • Protect your bones and joints from injury
  • Get into shape fast
  • Increase Flexibility

SPRINT : Les Mills

What is Les Mills SPRINT?

  • High Intensity Interval Training on a bike. Four training aspects for focus. Strength, Power, Speed, and Rest.

What are the Benefits?


  • Gain STRENGTH! Gain POWER! Gain SPEED!
  • HIIT without the impact on joints
  • The fastest way to FIT!
  • Increased metabolism for an extended period of time
  • 30min style class, in-out-done!

BODYPUMP™ : Les Mills

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What is BODYPUMP™?

  • The original barbell class, will sculpt, tone and strengthen your entire body, fast! Using the proven BODYPUMP formula: THE REP EFFECT a breakthrough in resistance training. Focusing on low weight loads and high repetition movements, you’ll burn fat, gain strength and quickly produce lean muscle.

What are the Benefits?


  • Improve strength, power, stability and speed
  • Perform 70-100 repetitions per body part
  • totaling up to 800 repetitions in a single workout
  • Burn up to 560 calories per class
  • Basic moves to stimulate all the major muscle groups to produce effective results
  • Team based class to build confidence, community and social support


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  • A Fiercely energetic mixed martial arts workout, where you will punch, kick and kata your way through calories to superior cardiovascular fitness

What are the Benefits


  • Burn up to 740 calories in 55 minutes
  • Improves heart and lung function and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Develops coordination and agility
  • Improves posture, core strength and stability
  • Gets you fighting fit and looking ripped
  • Builds self-confidence, inner strength and power

ZUMBA™ : Latin Dance Workout

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What is Zumba™?

  • Hypnotic Latin Rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a one- of-a kind fitness program. Achieve long term benefits while experiencing an absolute blast in one calorie burning, body energizing, awe inspiring workout! Zumba GOLD is a less intense version designed for seniors.

What are the Benefits?


  • Ditch the workout, JOIN THE PARTY!
  • Works for all ages and fitness levels
  • Great stress relief to improve well being
  • Dance to great music with great people
  • Learn coordination and body awareness


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  • BODYATTACK™ is the sports-inspired cardio workout for building strength and stamina. This high-energy interval training class combines athletic aerobic movements with strength and stabilization exercises. Dynamic instructors and powerful music motivate everyone towards their fitness goals – from the weekend athlete to the hard-core competitor! Like all the LES MILLS™ programs, a new BODYATTACK™ class is released every three months with new music and choreography.

What are the Benefits


  • Burn up to 730 calories
  • Develop fast and slow twitch muscle fibers
  • Improve your coordination and agility
  • Develop strength through core conditioning work
  • Enhance your bone health and density
  • Increase your heart and lung capacity

CXWORX™: Les Mills

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What is CXWORX™?

  • Looking for a short, sharp workout that’ll inspire you to the next level of fitness, while strengthening and toning your body? CXWORX™ is for you! CXWORX™ really hones in on the torso and sling muscles that connect your upper body to your lower body. It’s ideal for tightening your tummy, defining your shoulders and glutes while also improving functional strength and assisting in injury prevention.

What are the Benefits?


  • Improve your CORE strength
  • Shape and tone your CORE
  • Get into shape fast
  • Increase CORE endurance

Kettle Bell I.K.F.F. Inspired

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What is Kettle Bell?

  • Kettle Bell training is all about functional movements and the power they produce. By utilizing an asymmetrical tool like the kettle bell with proper training and coaching you can achieve strength gains, performance gains, and body transformations.

What are the Benefits

  • Increase power
  • Increase aerobic capacity
  • Increase muscular endurance
  • Burn up to 500 calories
  • Increase coordination and reaction time

PILATES : Mat Pilates

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What is Pilates?

  • Pilates exercises train several muscle groups at once in smooth, continuous movements. By developing proper technique you can retrain your body to move in a safe more efficient pattern of motion. Pilates is invaluable for injury recovery, sports performance, good posture and optimal health.

What are the Benefits?


  • Improved overall fitness, muscle tone, strength and stamina
  • Provide relief from back, neck and joint pain
  • Increases body awareness, flexibility and circulation
  • Improves posture, alignment and balance
  • Promotes relaxation and increased energy

SILVER SNEAKERS™ : Senior Fitness

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  • SilverSneakers group exercise classes offer you the best opportunity to stay active and independent. Our signature classes are designed specifically for older adults and taught by specially trained, certified instructors. You are sure to find a class that suits your need and abilities.\

What are the Benefits?


  • Flexibility and cardiovascular endurance
  • Balance and range of movement
  • Promote stress reduction and mental
  • Chair support is offered
  • Restorative breathing exercises


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What is SPINNING™?

  • The original, authentic, exhilarating experience and lifestyle. On spinner bikes riders experience challenging terrains, varying levels of speed and resistance. Knowledgeable and inspiring certified spinning instructors ensure riders enjoy the journey.

What are the Benefits?


  • Burn up to 600 calories in a single ride
  • Positive behavior change through social support and community
  • Varied terrains keep things exciting and new
  • Individualized for all ability levels
  • Learn to effectively track target heart rate and intensity

T.B.C. Total Body Conditioning

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What is T.B.C.?

  • Total body workout with a wide range of various exercises. It is tailored for people who are ready for a major fat burning and muscle toning experience. All who participate will have enhanced knowlegdge of exercise safety, body alignment, and proper breathing techniques.

What are the Benefits?


  • Gain knowledge of current effective exercises
  • Functional exercise relating to daily activities
  • Develop major and minor muscle groups
  • Improved results through muscle confusion
  • Appropriate for all ages and fitness levels